• SafePlug® -
    Drill plugs for Railbonds

    The new generation of rail web connections with optimal performance.

Patented drilled electrical rail bond fittings.

  • SafePlug offers between 50(M12) and 75(M10)% Higher torque than other brands!
  • Uniquely strong and acid proof stainless steel bolts!
  • 120Nm torque, better performance in changing ambient temperatures
  • Patented extra copper cone ensures constant contact pressure between rail and bushing!
  • Silver plated contact surfaces (optional)
  • Double contact surfaces
  • Simple installation with no training needed
  • Can be installed in any weather conditions
  • No hydraulic tools necessary for expanding bushings. Impact/torque wrench will suffice.
  • Tested with 35 000A (M12), 25 000A (M10)

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Where to use drilled rail plugs?

In connecting electrical cables and connectors to railway rails (vignole rails) SafePlug® is the optimal choice. Safeplug is also easily and effectively applied to both grooved and girder rails in tramways. Safeplug efficiently connects any cables along the railway or tramway, whether for signals, power supply or protective earthing.

rail drilling machine is used in attaching the drill plugs and a special rail drill is used in drilling holes in the actual rails. SafePlug® bushings are fitted with an impact wrench or a regular torque wrench, while a silver-plated (high conductivity) or tin-plated bushing is fitted into the hole, after which the cable lug with the enclosed screw joint is mounted.

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What makes the SafePlug® so special?

As a result of existing brands not taking into account strong temperature differences and vibrations has Safetrack's SAFEPLUG® for rails been developed. Temperature differences lead to rails expanding and retracting significantly from summer to winter, but even also between day and night.

If not use SafePlug® with its patented features ( optional cone shaped bushing of copper and the unique high-strength 10.9 stainless steel, etc.). Affected to a constant reduced contact pressure between the bushing and the rail which ultimately results in a contact fault directly or corrosion with a contact fault as a result.

Such defects may never actually occur because the drill plugs into rail usually are used for protective earthing along the track. Should these protective earthing fall, it means great danger to the track staff and for the public.

No hydraulic tools needed

Yet another attractive detail is that no hydraulic tools are needed for expanding plugs. Rather, a simple torque wrench or our very powerful cordless impact wrench is used. The same tool is then used for attaching the cable to the bond. I.e. – you will be carrying NO extra heavy tools with you to the work site.

High tensile bolts

SAFEPLUG® is developed with a focus on lowering transition resistance to the absolute minimum when connecting cable lugs and rail. This not only applies between the rail and bushings but, as a unique feature, the SafePlug brand offers a newly developed high tensile and acid proof stainless steel bolt, which ensures not only a corrosion proof solution but also 10.9 classification for bolts, allowing you to tighten the connection with as much as 120Nm (competing brands only tighten at 80Nm). Thereby SafePlug provides the best protection for temperature changes, which is essential for safe and durable plug connections.

Contact surface

Smart design with patented extra copper bushing makes doubling of the contact pressure and contact surface possible. The copper in the extra bushing ensure that pressure on the edge of the hole does not increase – something that might result from using steel cones. During mounting the Silver plated contact surfaces are polished and permanently remolded when jointed together with the rail.